Conservative’s rose colored glasses

I was watching Sunday Morning before and they had on Alan Greenspan. I remember back a few years ago somebody from the Bush administration saying they looked at several economic models and decided to go with the conservative one which didn’t show that we were in a bubble. He didn’t mention the economist’s name. Greenspan said in the interview this morning that he didn’t take into account people’s reaction of fear and euphoria in predicting market fluctuations and thus missed the fact that we were in a bubble. Ironically, John mentioning George Soros in another post led me to look him up on Wikipedia. His main tool is people’s probable reaction to market conditions. I’m sure fox news had all kinds of bad things to say about him and I’m ignorant of those things since I get a sick feeling every time I’m exposed to their propaganda. Wikipedia mentioned that Soros went all in trying to beat Bush in his second term. I’m guessing that’s why Soros probably got on fox’s radar and Bush’s blunder with his tax cuts made Soros Hell bent on defeating him.

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