Band Etiquette Part 1

Having been in a number of bands and a slew of other musical groups, all with varying degrees of success, I would now like to explore the ways interpersonal relationships and interactions manifest themselves in a rock group and lead to success or failure.

First, we should define what success is. It doesn’t necessarily mean sold out tours and platinum albums. Success could be as humble as an appreciative listener in a bar buying you a beer or, even more modestly, that good feeling you get when everyone ends the song together. Whatever your definition of success it’s nice if the players know what they want and even if they don’t want the same thing, the thing each individual wants needs to be compatible with what the other player’s want. Even if all the bassist wants is to get drunk and laid once in a while and the drummer wants a Beverly Hills mansion, there’s no reason why they both can’t be satisfied. Well, there might be a lot of reasons but, at least they’re not working at cross purposes. Since my word count is approaching 200 this would be a good place to call this part 1 and ask you to leave comments along the vein of what success in a band is.

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