Welcome Paul

Hopefully, we’ve added a fourth member to NY Retro. Paul, came to practice last Thursday and wowed us with his harmonica, congas, guitar and singing. He sent me (Bob) an email saying when he was available for next weeks rehearsal. I forwarded it to Steve and Mike. Steve put some effort into his response. It gives you a hint of what we’re adding to our already diverse repertoire.

Hi Bob, I should be able to do either night. However my girlfriend Sloopy has been asking me to come visit her. I know I am married, but I told her I can't help falling in love with you. Sloopy lives in kansas city at 12th street and vine- a bad part of town.problem is my other girlfriend Gloria lives there also i also want to visit two of my old friend that live there Mr Louie S. Louie and a guy named Johnnie B Goode. I might take a train or plane there, but I want to make sure to take my hound dog.. I may stay for 8 days or a week, not sure. I better make sure to pack my blue suede shoes, Steve

I’m still waiting to hear from Mike.


Monday or Wednesday?

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