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Gas prices vs. Congress

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

The fundamental difference between Democrats and Repugnicans is who is responsible for making the US economy work; the government or the Koch brothers. They say let market conditions prevail but, you can’t have a free market if you allow individuals or corporations to control it. This was painfully obvious when a part of the stimulus package was immediately absorbed by higher gas prices. This free market naivety might have been excused right after the civil war between the landed gentry of the south and the industrialized north when Rockefeller built the Standard Oil monopoly by taking over all the refineries but, after the great depression and FDR’s rebuilding of the economy there is no excuse but stupidity or greed in letting the refiners run the world. Right now gas prices are historically low. They’re closing refineries. You may say that’s what’s suppose to happen in a free market. What will happen to your lifestyle when gas prices go up? Are you going to look away when your congressman lets it happen?


Sunday, January 4th, 2015

All bullies consider themselves victims. We’re all victims and consequently we’re all bullies. Whether you resent a boss who’s taking more profit from your labor than he deserves or some minority worker who’s willing to work for less than you think you deserve, you’re feeling the victim.