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Hotel California-Controversy

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

I started learning the lead for this song when it first came out about 40 years ago. Then, as now, there were an abundance of guitar players so it was a song that was perfect for doing with guitar playing friends. I think I learned about half of the solos near the end and improvised until the arpeggios at the end. With our upcoming gig at the Roadhouse Tavern where it is reputed to favor classic rock I thought it a good use of time to work on the solo.
Not too long ago our drummer, Steve, had a religious meltdown, quit the group and started ranting against this song in particular. I heard there was a Christian cult started at the Hotel California that equated the Eagles with the devil. When Steve finally came to his senses and rejoined the group we shied away from doing the song. However, having a gig requiring all our classic rock repertoire meant we needed the song. Mike had the last word on the controversy. He said, pretty much, that just because some fanatic decided that the song was evil doesn’t mean that the Eagles wrote it to be evil.

NY Retro to play at the Roadhouse

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

We still haven’t resolved the dilemma of are we a cover band or an original band. I vote that we are both. We haven’t established an identity yet. The band, BoScoDen, didn’t establish an identity until it had already broken up. I suppose we have an identity at this space and time but, I’m hoping it evolves into something easier to explain. The best I can do is say we’re just starting out.

NY Retro-The choice

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Are we a cover band or an original band? Mike brought this up when I encouraged my band mates to divvy up the social media chores. I proposed that Steve take over the Facebook account, I’ll do the website and blog and Mike will do Twitter. From his perspective he feels Twitter is only for bands doing originals. We do both originals and covers.