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Poem-Open Mic

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
I signed up late for an open mic
I couldn't leave early
I was stuck for the night
I heard each act play
Some were good, some were tight
I counted them down
to my turn in the spotlight

I planned my performance to get it just right
Three songs to choose
to sum up my life
I'll impress, I'll touch
I'll lighten the mood
I knew I was in
for a very long night

I worked the crowd; had a few beers
had an espresso
To bring back the edge
tuned my guitar
plucked parts unsure
stifled images of falling
off the edge of a ledge

The count down upon me. It was my turn
Pete leveled the amp
So I could be heard
Bach to impress
But, it was a mess
A woman's loud laughing
proved my angst was absurd

She wasn't malicious; just in her own world
The hours I'd invested
were too soon undone
I didn't screw up
I played the notes right
Still the question remains
Do I do this for fun

Fixing a jack in an F hole

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

My family was bugging me about how I should use my jazz guitar for the jazz standards and wouldn’t you know it; as soon as I got comfortable with it the jack started acting up. Unlike my other electric there’s know little plate to unscrew and give you easy access to the electronics inside. I stared at the thing and resolved to play my other guitar. It felt even worse when Steve expressed disappointment because he liked the sound of the f hole. I finally did a google search and found the answer on You have to fish the jack out through the f hole. They did suggest you put a wire through the jack and hole so you can get it back easily. It worked like a charm. Of course, when I got the thing out the solder joints looked pristine. I tried plugging it in with the jack hanging out of the f hole. It worked fine. I snaked it back where it belongs and have no idea why it stopped working.