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4th of July is about Freedom

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Your freedom will not be paid for by mine or my children’s slavery.  The redistribution of wealth in this country brought about by Reaganomics is bringing us to a two class system.  For some reason, a discussion on the inheritacnce tax came up in conversation today.  That new phrase the right wing has been bandying about popped into my head,’saddlling our children with this debt’.  It’s a dynamic phrase that undoubtedly those republican think tanks were quite proud of.  It finally dawned on me that those think tanks are only interested in catchy phrases that will get their candidates elected.  They certainly aren’t interested in real solutions.  There is some truth to the phrase,’saddling children with debt’.  However, that repugnican really means his children when he says our children.  My child is taking out massive loans to pay for his education while he doesn’t want to see the corporate tax on his BP stock go up.  He’d rather see the unemployed lose their homes and whatever dreams they had for their children than have his lazy bum child have less of a trust fund.  Feel free to use this if you get a chance to challenge the use of that cutesy phrase.