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Bass part Bach’s 1st Cello Suite for guitar in D

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Back in the 70’s I found myself in a performance school with the goal of mastering everything George Martin knew.  I wanted to learn composing and arranging.  There were people there who could teach me; sort of.  Stonybrook didn’t really teach so much as test.  From that day in the 2,000 seat lecture hall where aspiring musicians took the music dictation test to the 5 of us left at graduation I did learn stuff.  This was my third college transfer and fortunately I had already learned most of the stuff I needed before I ever got there.  One thing I hadn’t learned was mastery of a classical instrument.  I had to play the stuff Segovia played if I wanted to get a degree.  Jerry Willard, a student of Segovia as well as Sophocles Papas and John Williams and also the guitar teacher at Stonybrook took pity on me and accepted me as a student.  I still wanted to play rock but, I had to learn classical guitar.  I’ve finally after 30 years memorized Bach’s 1st. Cello Suite arranged for guitar.  I’ve also added a bass guitar part.  Steve uses his own imagination on drums.  Here’s the bass part.  Most of it has a low D which is not an issue for 5 and 6 string basses.  4 string players can either drop or play the Ds an octave higher.CelloSuiteNo1 bass part

I videoed a practice of Steve and I doing this.  We did performances of different movements on The Music From Bob’s Basement program.  This is the first time I taped the whole thing in one shot.  There are a lot of mistakes and Steve was unfamiliar with a couple of the movements because I did them alone.  It’s a work in progress but, I’m putting it up here so that people who want to play with me will know where I’m going with this piece and don’t have to feel the pressure to master it before playing with it with us.  The video editing program takes it’s time about doing what it does so, I’m killing time by blogging.  Let’s see if it’s done.  Not even a quarter of the way.  I guess I’ll be going to sleep and letting the computer do it’s thing.  I’ll post it tomorrow.