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Memorial Day

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Not too many years ago, before the BoScoDen website was made, I wished the designer of this web site on her myspace page ‘a happy dead soldier’s day’.  I discovered from Scott at our next BoScoDen practice that she took offense.  I never found out why she took offense; nor did I try to find out.  She seemed to accept that it was my warped sense of humor and subsequently categorized my online missives as ‘interesting’.

I never explained why I was chose words that sounded so irreverent about Memorial Day but, since I discovered my blog is being visited by Veterans, I feel I should.

Memorial Day has always signaled for me the start of summer.  Today I ate my first strawberry from the garden.  My family is all home and we’re together.  The sun is shining and everything is upbeat and happy.  My allergies aren’t bothering me anymore.  I have a rock group and I’m even finding common ground with my right wing friends.  It’s largely a result of the season.  Every one around me and all of nature is reveling in hope and well being.  Is it any wonder I react to the incongruity of a day set aside for remembrance of death?