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Owning a Song

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

I could regurgitate copyright law and mechanical licensing fees but, I’m not even going to bother to put links in this post. Instead, I want to talk about a group’s performance of a song and each individual’s contribution. I haven’t done a lot of collaborating on songs.  Steve has helped me with lyrics a few times for songs we’ve put on Music from Bob’s Basement.  Denis took liberties with the drum part on a few BoScoDen songs.  On his song, Gasholes, I played what he told me to play.  10 to 9 Jam was complete improvisation on my part.  I never discussed with Scott and denis where their contributions came from.  I found all of these approaches very satisfying but, the sense of community ownership of the Jam gives me pleasure on so many levels.

Zant’s Band

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Ken Zant gave me this link.  His nephew is touring Europe and he wants me to watch this video.  I haven’t watched it yet and it’s almost 1:00 AM.  I needed to save it somewhere and this blog is better than anything else.  I could make it a favorite on my YouTube account but, I only have the password on the other computer and that computer is busy burning a DVD.

Our Economy

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

The problem is that the middle class is disappearing.  The middle class grew as a result of unions and federal programs that insured a consumer base that could support a mass produced economy.  I constantly hear complaints about how consumers aren’t spending.  Duh.  Consumers, who were lucky enough to live during the era of union contracts, are dying off.  Businesses are motivated to create products as inexpensively as possible.  Trickle down economics only created a takeover spree and created an inflated stock market.  Those of us with pensions benefited.The problem with the economy is systemic and will not be corrected until we eradicate the neoconservative agenda from our society.

The Insanity of Musicals

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

I love seeing musicals and I have to admit that I sit in the audience and take on the persona of Simon Cowell and judge everything about the show.  Why would anyone subject themselves to my critical scrutiny?  Invariably, the glass is going to be half empty.  There is always going to be something that the panel of judges is going to find fault with.  BoScoDen was together for about 2 years.  Scott had a phrase that he used periodically to assess a just finished performance of a song which surprised and amused me.  It was,”That sucked less.”  I found it amusing because it would come right after I had been dramatically moved by the coming together of the three of us on all the dynamics and expression in a song.  I had just felt the power and passion of the moment when I had first conceived of the song but, multiplied by close friends who understood the complex nuances of the experience.  Scott and denis worked hard to master my arrangements and maybe I didn’t always appreciate the times they had to work through very confusing changes to get to that level of understanding we would eventually master.  Not sucking wasn’t what I was looking for.  We went past that without me even noticing it.  For me, it was about making a statement of expression in time.  It was about telling a story and bringing an audience along with me through the experience and everything that made the experience more vivid filled the glass more.