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Episode 11

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

I delivered episode 11 today into Walter’s trusty hands at Cablevision. I thought the series was over in March so, I didn’t bother finishing episode 11 when I realized I wouldn’t get it in by that time. However my inability to count to six became apparent when a week or two into March I noticed that episode ten was still being played.  Again I missed my opportunity to perform Irish songs on St. Patrick’s Day.  Yet, I introduced a theme song for Music from Bob’s Basement in which I hijacked an old Irish melody called ‘Rosin the Beau’.  The performance of Business Man’s Toy I did with Scott is playing again but, this time Steve added a drum track.  Dave and Lloyd accompany Steve and me on Bach’s Bourrée.  Blame me for the sloppiness; I was just learning it.  There are a couple of jams.  One with guests Mark on piano and Lukas on bass.  The other one is with the Boss RC2.


Thursday, March 4th, 2010

1. Define the problem.
2. Break it up into smaller tasks.
3. Reward each little success.
4. Look at the clock.
5. Check your progress against the deadline.
6. Give up.