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The day after

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Happy December 26th and may it be one of the laziest days of your year.If you’re anything like me, your spent and every last bit of energy has been used up. There’s nothing to do except relax and ponder a new year.  Then again, there’s pondering the old year and of course there’s the dilemma of whether the last year was half full or half empty; it was what it was.  I did a lot of stuff and didn’t do a lot of stuff I wanted to do.  I also did a lot of  stuff  I didn’t want to do.  Which brings me to the annual pondering of  a new year’s resolution.  The most profound one I ever attempted to fulfill was finishing every beer I started.  I did all right that year until August and I left a grand total of 2 bottles half finished.  I think I’ll learn from this and not make any resolutions that encompass absolutes.  A new year’s resolution should be easy to carry through.  I resolve in 2010 not to attempt the impossible.

Band Etiquette Part 5

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

The most important rule of band etiquette would have to fall under the category of honesty. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If you don’t like something; let your band mates know it. The truth will surface eventually. If you can’t be somewhere at a certain time; don’t make a commitment. If you can’t learn a part by a certain time; be realistic. The golden rule doesn’t necessarily apply. I wouldn’t want to be asked to play a drum part but, the drummer probably wouldn’t mind. If he does mind then he should say so. Being able to work with others is a lot more important than being a great player.  INXS had a reality show not too long ago in which they were looking for a new lead singer.  They didn’t choose the best singer, nor did they choose the most popular; the guy they eventually chose had been voted out by the audience numerous times.  They chose the guy who wanted it the most.  This was not American Idol but, being in a band is a whole different skill set than being a pop star.  It may look and sound the same but, one is more of a journey than a goal.


Monday, December 7th, 2009

Greensleeves Mel.& WordsEm

BoDaLoSt & Moondog

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

BoDaLoSt could easily become the house band of Music From Bob’s Basement.  David and Lloyd responded to my appeal for guest performers.  They were in episode 5 or 6 playing under the name of Microcosm.  For that performance that guitar/drums duo had a pickup lead guitarist, yours truly, for their song; Mike.  I guess they had a good time because they asked to come back.  When they showed up (on time, I might add) Steve and I were already working on a song for the show.  David was quite amiable about doing the bass part and since the drums were already set up for left handed Steve; Lloyd got to have fun on the conga set.  He seemed to enjoy it a lot more when I gave him the tympani mallets and encouraged him to hit whatever cymbals he could reach too.

Moondog found me through a musician find service.  They’re a rock group doing 50s and early 60s.  It’s really high energy stuff for the most part.  There are 16 songs in the first set and only one was a ballad.  Roy, who is the front man for the group, is a real pleasure to harmonize with.  This group is tailor made to make a really fun night for a bar gig and they’re playing somewhere in Hawthorne in January.  I would have said, “we’re” but, I’ll wait until tomorrow when Roy calls me and confirms that I passed the audition.

Roy finally called and it seems their old lead guitarist wanted back it.  I had fun playing with them and I wish them luck.  In retrospect it’s probably is for the best.  I would have gotten bored very quickly with the limitations of the style and I don’t believe that audiences in this area would keep coming back for more of the same for very long.