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a new buzz

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

I found a new buzzing noise in my set-up. I narrowed it down quickly to the input channel 6. That was a condenser mic set up to pick up the high frequencies on the piano which coincidentally is the one closest to the door. I’m guessing the cold air hitting the metal housing of the mic caused condensation. I guess that brings a whole new meaning to the term, ‘condenser mic.

email link

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I can’t seem to get a simple email link to work. Below are a couple of feeble attempts. One opens a message in my yahoo account but, it includes the words ‘mailto’ in the address. It got to me when I deleted ‘mailto’. The other just brought up a page that made it obvious that the link failed completely.

Email me!

Music From Bob’s Basement Part 6

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Today I dropped off episode 6. It’s just a coincidence that the blog about episode 6 is called part 6.  I’m not consciously blogging about each episode as it happens.  I just thought that some of the things I’ve learned in making episode 6 are worthy of sharing with the 50 or so readers a day who read this blog.  It just happens that the last time I wrote about the show was part 5.  I found freeware that’s easier and better to use than iMovieHD.  It’s called HyperEngine_AV.  It’s kind of like making a movie on a blank page which liberates you from all the programmer’s preconceived notions of how to make your movie.  You drag whatever you want into a window and it puts it together for you.  There are some things that didn’t work and it would be nice if you could save preferences in the new text window and edit the text box after you’ve loaded it into the movie.  However, even though there aren’t a lot of effects that came with the text feature, you can control how it works in the movie more easily.

hot dog recipe

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Between doctors getting after me about my cholesterol and supermarket sales prompting me to over purchase unhealthy eats, I wind up with some very disparate ingredients in my refrigerator and freezer.

Healthy: 7 grain bread, no sugar added sweet relish
Unhealthy: hot dogs, swiss cheese
?: Koskiusko mustard
Boil hot dog.
Spread relish first on bread (definitely before skewering raw hot dog) then spread mustard on bread. The liquid part of the relish won’t show up in the mustard jar but, the reverse is not the case.
Put swiss cheese on bread/condiments
When the hot dog plumps or splits toast bread/condiments/cheese on a tray so that the cheese melts but the bread remains soft enough to fold around the hot dog.

Men and Women

Friday, November 6th, 2009

I’ve discovered very recently that men and women are different in what interests them and how they communicate.  I hope this statement doesn’t brand me as a sexist or, is taken as a hard and fast rule or, is taken to mean that one gender has special abilities over the other except in the matter of procreation.  The difference is only important to me in the way I talk to people.  Simply put, women like stories about people and men like stories about how to do something.  When I’m conversing with my wife on long drives and I try to talk about how my various devices work my wife loses interest very quickly.  However, I can get around that ennui by spicing up the story with how various people in my life helped me discover how these things work.  I’m leaning toward a belief that our primitive ancestors, before we were even a species called homosapien, lived in groups which were dominated by females.  The social hierarchy was the primary job of women and men only became leaders because some doting mother wanted her genes spread as widely as only a male can spread them.

Music From Bob’s Basement Part 5

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

I bought a new hard drive to deal with the massive amounts of memory required to produce the show.  Steve and I spent a couple of hours trying to record a song he wrote on Friday only to be frustrated by a full memory.  Time is turning into a very precious commodity in this project.  Now, I look at the credits at the end of a commercially produced show and see how many people put in time taking care of all the little details that go into production and I see what doesn’t get done in my show.  It certainly helps if you know what you’re doing.  There are a lot of skills I have to learn before I add them to the show.  There are a lot of details that I wasn’t even aware of 2 months ago.