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Patch of Grass CD

Monday, April 13th, 2015

CD cover sizedjpegCD cover sizedNY Retro is set to release the Patch of Grass CD on June 5, 2015.  No, it has nothing to do with marijuana.  The album was conceived and produced to be listened to while mowing the lawn or any yard work.  It’s an album made by men for men and is set to be released about one week before Father’s Day.  Men don’t buy themselves presents; especially fathers.  They’ll buy tools and toys for their children.  The toys might really be for themselves but, that’s another story.  Of course, men do buy stuff for their women though that might still be for that mythical child.  So, don’t be fooled by that picture of a swing in an idyllic suburban yard.  There are no children songs on this album.  This CD is for Dad.  Happy Father’s Day!

New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

1. Have the Patch of Grass CD ready for release by April 1st.
2. Give up computer solitaire until CD is finished. (that should motivate me to finish it)
3. Write a blog every Sunday.
4. Play 12 major and 12 minor scales on the trumpet, alto, violin and trombone 4 days a week for 40 weeks in 2015.
5. Do 20 live performances.


Sunday, June 29th, 2014

I love that song by Tom Petty; I Won’t Back Down. It taps into that primal urge to face off against an adversary. It gives me focus. It’s the answer I need to those distractions that keep creeping into my life. I took a moment from writing this entry to add tags. When I came to one of my favorite tags, 70’s Rock, I felt it necessary to google the song. It was released in ’89 and the article is worth reading:
There is a lot about how people used the song as an anthem. That strikes me as counterintuitive. If you’re really having your convictions tested you shouldn’t have an army of believers standing with you. I still love the song though there is a chance that Tom Petty was consciously writing an anthem.

NY Retro to play at the Roadhouse

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

We still haven’t resolved the dilemma of are we a cover band or an original band. I vote that we are both. We haven’t established an identity yet. The band, BoScoDen, didn’t establish an identity until it had already broken up. I suppose we have an identity at this space and time but, I’m hoping it evolves into something easier to explain. The best I can do is say we’re just starting out.

NY Retro-The choice

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Are we a cover band or an original band? Mike brought this up when I encouraged my band mates to divvy up the social media chores. I proposed that Steve take over the Facebook account, I’ll do the website and blog and Mike will do Twitter. From his perspective he feels Twitter is only for bands doing originals. We do both originals and covers.

Why is NY Retro retro

Friday, May 31st, 2013

No performance art can be absolutely retro. Even if it remains absolutely true to the historical elements it will still be perceived in the presence of the contemporary mindset. What NY Retro attempts to do is bring back that sense of experimentation and merging of styles that created those classic rock milestones in the first place. Bob and Steve were around to see that drama unfold. Mike early on fell in love with progressive rock which NY Retro does not adhere to a strict definition of the progressive rock style(We try to be a little more soulful) but, that meeting of classical music virtuosity with modern instruments and rhythms is definitely something we strive for.

NY Retro Goals

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

NY Retro is the product of it’s members influences.  Everything that Mike, Steve and I have experienced winds up being mirrored in the music we play.  This gives us a lot of pleasure.  If we were to come up with a mission statement for the band I would suggest; Our mission is to have fun.  I don’t think Mike and Steve would object to this.  This hedonistic approach may or may not prove compatible with a viable business model; that is yet to seen.  So, to put things into perspective, achieving goals is not necessarily what NY Retro is about.  It is about hedonism and feeling pleasure. and our pleasure is making music.

One thing that seems to give pleasure to its members is performing for others.  So,

Goal 1. perform

This is an expensive hobby and to keep its members from forgoing their hedonistic pleasures by wasting their time on making money in less pleasurable ways we would like to;

Goal 2. develop a revenue stream but, not if it contradicts our hedonistic mission.

We have other goals which have already been met.  One was to find a bassist who is willing and able to learn the very challenging music in our 4 sets.  Another goal which has yet to be met is to produce a couple of CDs to sell at performances.  This would help our revenue stream but, we’re not going to release an album until the performance on it is one that we’ll feel comfortable listening to for the rest of our lives.  Our music is challenging which lends to the probability that notes will be missed.  In a live performance missed notes tend to go unnoticed but, in a recording that you listen to over and over again they start to stand out like a sore thumb.  The more you play the less this happens.  So, if we could achieve goals 1 and 2 the CDs goal would take care of itself.