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New Subscriber

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Bob’s Blog has a new subscriber. In fact, it is Bob’s Blog’s only subscriber. I didn’t even know you could subscribe to Bob’s Blog. Obviously considering how much spam I get, you don’t have to subscribe to leave a comment. I’ve had 56 comments and I’m surprised that I’ve approved exactly half of them. Two of them are in Russian and I have no idea what they say but, I checked out the links and they weren’t obviously spam. I’ve added a few comments myself. I wouldn’t mind approving a spam comment if it had something to do with the post. The most highly spammed post is Pedal Board Part 7.  Guitar effects have nothing to do with credit cards, pornography, ring tones, weight loss or even the most novel spam: an offer to earn big bucks spamming.  There was a spam that I approved for pedal board Part 1.  That was a guitar teacher in Washington state.  If anyone reading this can translate the Russian on the post Priorities comments.  I would appreciate it.  Also, if you can leave directions on how to become a subscriber that would be nice too.