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Unfair licensing Practices

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Dear Sirs,
I’m writing to express my concern about certain music licensing practices that are unfair, and unnecessary, to performing and recording musicians. In this day of digital downloads where every sale is immediately tracked there is no reason to force recording performers to pay royalties in advance of sales. I am a composer/songwriter, myself, and I believe the writer deserves his portion of the sale but, he doesn’t deserve a percentage of sales that never happen. This antiquated system is still good for CDs and vinyl where a product is hard to track but, unnecessary and damaging to struggling performers.
Bob Stone


Sunday, June 29th, 2014

I love that song by Tom Petty; I Won’t Back Down. It taps into that primal urge to face off against an adversary. It gives me focus. It’s the answer I need to those distractions that keep creeping into my life. I took a moment from writing this entry to add tags. When I came to one of my favorite tags, 70’s Rock, I felt it necessary to google the song. It was released in ’89 and the article is worth reading:
There is a lot about how people used the song as an anthem. That strikes me as counterintuitive. If you’re really having your convictions tested you shouldn’t have an army of believers standing with you. I still love the song though there is a chance that Tom Petty was consciously writing an anthem.

Music From Bob’s Basement Part 2

Monday, September 28th, 2009

I suppose it’s not surprising that you get offered a lot of help when you ask for help in an interesting project.  There have been over 20 people offering me help.  I recorded 9 songs from Robin Storm yesterday and they were all really good performances but, I didn’t enjoy it.  There were no surprises for me except my reaction.  Storm didn’t ask me to play with him and might have rebuffed my offer.  I knew it would be like that because Storm has been in Bob’s Basement before.  I didn’t start this project because I wanted to become a producer.  I became a producer because I wanted to perform and have some control over the final product.  I’m still constrained by time and deadlines, FCC rules and my limitations in the technical aspects of video editing but, I don’t have sponsors telling me I can’t promote my political point of view.  In fact, that’s the whole purpose of Public Access T.V..  One of the people who has expressed an interest the show is a radio host, Judy Stadt.  She has this saying on her website; “Freedom is doing what you want, Happiness is doing what you want and enjoying it.”  I hope she tells me how to do that.

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Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

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Parametric EQ and a ringing drum

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

So, I record these drum tracks and the floor tom is ringing; kind of like feedback but, closer to what we used to call a woof tone. Something was creating a resonant frequency. First thing I do was go to a graphic eq. Not having any luck finding the frequency I decided to figure out which frequency it was. I have a midi controller hooked up to this computer 5 inches from my left hand. I tried to find the note on the keyboard but, it was only playing in channel 10(drum sounds-no pitches). I found the note on my guitar; C# second fret on the b string. A little quick math brings me into the range of 260 cps. I click on that range and bring the volume on the eq way down. I don’t know what the Q factor is but, I adjusted it and the offending sound disappeared.