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Sunday, June 29th, 2014

I love that song by Tom Petty; I Won’t Back Down. It taps into that primal urge to face off against an adversary. It gives me focus. It’s the answer I need to those distractions that keep creeping into my life. I took a moment from writing this entry to add tags. When I came to one of my favorite tags, 70’s Rock, I felt it necessary to google the song. It was released in ’89 and the article is worth reading:
There is a lot about how people used the song as an anthem. That strikes me as counterintuitive. If you’re really having your convictions tested you shouldn’t have an army of believers standing with you. I still love the song though there is a chance that Tom Petty was consciously writing an anthem.


Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Here is Steve and me playing Bourreé.  The bass part can be downloaded and you can click the second link to play along.  This isn’t a performance I would put on a cd but, it should be alright to play along with.

Bourree bass


Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring

Saturday, March 26th, 2011


This is posted to give musician’s something to practice with.  The sheet music can be download for the bass.

Jesus1 Bass

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

My last post was about how being a professional musician meant you had to work at it.  If you are a professional it means you expect to get paid for it and a lot about getting paid for it has very little to do with making music; at least directly.  One of the thankless jobs is making arrangements.  It’s one thing to just copy what some other band did note for note with each band member figuring out there own part and it’s another thing having me write out all the parts.  You would think that the former would go a lot faster but, that isn’t necessarily the case.  If I do it then it gets done.  If someone quits it’s a lot easier for the new guy to catch up and it’s less likely that the whole project will fall apart.  That offers a certain modicum of security.  There’s less discussion about how something should go which saves a lot of time.  It’s the difference between learning one song in a night and learning five or even ten.  The drawbacks are many.  It’s a lot of work for me.  Other members feel less of an ownership in the group which leads to turnover.  It puts me in the position of the guy to hate.  It tends to stifle other members input.  Is it ever possible to turn a benevolent dictatorship into a democracy?  I hope so.

How Many Bassists does it take to…

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

In the past year and a quarter Steve and I have had close to a dozen different bassists play with us in my basement.  I know I’m doing something wrong.  I’ve temporarily allowed comments without registration or approval and I’m going out for the day.  I really want to read what people have to say about this post so, you might have to read through a lot of spam to get to real comments.

Thoughts on bass

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

It’s been noted by psychologists that babies have a profoundly different reaction to their father’s voice from their mother’s voice.  Sounds in the lower register seem to create sympathetic vibrations in your viscera.  Human hearing is sensitive to vibrations from 20 cycles per second to 20,000 cycles per second.  Though most tones generate overtones, the lower tones generate more overtones in the audible range.  The overtone series over the course of 4 octaves outlines the chords based on the fundamental.  As the overtone series rises higher and higher from the fundamental it diminishes in volume and generates more and more dissonant tones.

Bass part Bach’s 1st Cello Suite for guitar in D

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Back in the 70’s I found myself in a performance school with the goal of mastering everything George Martin knew.  I wanted to learn composing and arranging.  There were people there who could teach me; sort of.  Stonybrook didn’t really teach so much as test.  From that day in the 2,000 seat lecture hall where aspiring musicians took the music dictation test to the 5 of us left at graduation I did learn stuff.  This was my third college transfer and fortunately I had already learned most of the stuff I needed before I ever got there.  One thing I hadn’t learned was mastery of a classical instrument.  I had to play the stuff Segovia played if I wanted to get a degree.  Jerry Willard, a student of Segovia as well as Sophocles Papas and John Williams and also the guitar teacher at Stonybrook took pity on me and accepted me as a student.  I still wanted to play rock but, I had to learn classical guitar.  I’ve finally after 30 years memorized Bach’s 1st. Cello Suite arranged for guitar.  I’ve also added a bass guitar part.  Steve uses his own imagination on drums.  Here’s the bass part.  Most of it has a low D which is not an issue for 5 and 6 string basses.  4 string players can either drop or play the Ds an octave higher.CelloSuiteNo1 bass part

I videoed a practice of Steve and I doing this.  We did performances of different movements on The Music From Bob’s Basement program.  This is the first time I taped the whole thing in one shot.  There are a lot of mistakes and Steve was unfamiliar with a couple of the movements because I did them alone.  It’s a work in progress but, I’m putting it up here so that people who want to play with me will know where I’m going with this piece and don’t have to feel the pressure to master it before playing with it with us.  The video editing program takes it’s time about doing what it does so, I’m killing time by blogging.  Let’s see if it’s done.  Not even a quarter of the way.  I guess I’ll be going to sleep and letting the computer do it’s thing.  I’ll post it tomorrow.

Bourree Bass by Bach

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Bourree bass

The Pretender Bass/Jackson Brown

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

The Pretender – Bass

Hotel California

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009


This song lends itself to using the loop station. I haven’t tried using my octave multiplier to add a bass part to the loop but, I hope it will work.  I noticed that measure 69 and 70 should outline an e minor chord rather than an F# chord.  Just move those 2 measures down a whole step (2 frets) and it will sound a whole lot better.  There are probably repeats further on in the piece but, I haven’t looked for them yet.